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Mark Bacon




Mark Bacon joined the Cape Ann Symphony as principal trumpet in 2000 and served the orchestra in this position until 2013. He has also performed as principal trumpeter of  The Lexington Symphony, The Massachusetts Symphony, and The Cape Symphony. He frequently works with vocal soloists, organists, pianists, and choral ensembles including: Neponset Chorale, Sacred Choral Artists, and the Chatham Chorale. 

His chamber music performances include Boston Brass, Bala Brass, BBQ Brass Quintet, and other groups. To honor veterans, Mark has been performing "Taps" for thousands of heros since 1980 and has provided triumphal music at weddings since 1983. As a trumpet soloist, Mark has appeared with the Cape Ann Symphony, at Gordon College, The University of Massachusetts Lowell, Methuen Memorial Music Hall, Saint Anthony's Shrine in Boston, and the Cathedral of St. Peter and St. Paul in Providence.

A graduate of the Walnut Hill School, and an alumnus of The Tanglewood Institute, and Phillips Academy Andover, Mark recieved his Bachelors of Music and Philosophy degree (magna cum laude) from The University of Massachusetts, and his Master of Music degree from Indiana University at Bloomington, Indiana. 

Formerly the trumpet instructor at Gordon College (1997-2001), and Atlantic Union College (2008-13) he was also  the trumpet instructor/artistic director of the Groton Brass Ensemble at The Groton School from (1999-2013). He has an active roster of outstanding private students and his recordings can be found on film, television, and compact disc.

Mark created StopRod.com to help professional trumpeters perform with greater ease and less stress in challenging situations. His stoprods give performers the "Pedal F" note and maximum control over intonation. They also create new alternate fingerings for improved trills and tricky fingering passages. Each stoprod also comes with a slide lock retainer that keeps the third slide in place when using a harmon mute or a plunger for special effects. His stoprods are currently being used by fine performers throughout the United States, Canada, UK, France, South Africa, Japan, South Korea, and Australia.