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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Q: Will your Pedal F Stop Rod fit my Bach Stradivarius Bb Trumpet/Cornet?

A:My Pedal F Stop Rods fit all Bach Stradivarius Bb trumpets/cornets and the Bach Stradivarius soprano family of trumpets in Eb, F, and G with removable stoprod assemblies and set screws.
Check your Bach Stradivarius instrument before ordering to make sure it has a set screw and not a soldered in stop rod.

Q: Will Bach's standard stopnuts fit your Pedal F Stop Rod?

A: Bach uses a different threading system than I do so their stopnuts are not compatible with my system.

Q: Do you make a fully threaded stoprod or only use end threading?

A: My standard length Stop Rods are threaded to require only one stop nut and offer a generous throw to reach the low "Pedal F" using only your third slide.
However, I can make a fully threaded stop rod for you as a special order item. It requires two stop nuts to lock against each other (like the Bach system) and offers a shorter throw. 
With a fully threaded stop rod, you may have to use your first valve slide in conjunction with your third valve slide to reach a "Pedal F".

Q: Do you offer Stop Rods of different lengths?

A: Yes. My standard length stop rods are intended for third valve slides without waterkeys.
If you have a Bach or Amado waterkey on your third valve slide, I can make a custom length stop rod to exactly fit your horn.
To do this, I will need a precise measurement from you. 
Cut a popsicle stick/heavy cardboard as a measuring tool and measure from the back of the stop rod mounting post to the barrel/spatula of your third slide water key. This will be the maximum throw possible for your horn.
Enclose the sample stick and a note along with your order to insure fit and accuracy for your horn.
Q: Is installation difficult?

A: No. Actually it's very easy and only takes about 5 minutes to install. I provide an allen wrench with every stoprod purchased to remove the set screw and written instructions for fitting the stoprod to your particular horn.

Q: What comes with my stoprod?

A: All my stoprods come
fully equipped with 2 stopnuts, 6 O rings, 1 allen wrench, 1 return spring, 2 brass washers, 2 nylon bushings,1 rubber slide lock retainer, 1 stoprod, and written installation instructions.

Q: Where can I buy spare parts? 

A: I offer spare parts to clients. You can order them from me at any time. If you order spare/extra parts along with your stoprod, you
will save on future parts orders as well as S+H+I.

Q: What warranty do you offer with your product?

A: I guarantee your satisfaction 100%. If my Pedal F Stoprod does not meet your expectations, simply return it to me within 10 days of receipt along with a note of your reasons of dissatisfaction, and all the parts in original condition. I will refund your money minus S/H/I charges.

Q: What materials are used in manufacture?

I use solid brass plated in silver and gold for all metal parts and rubber o rings as bumpers, nylon bushings and stainless steel and brass washers. All machining/plating/labor is done in the USA. 

Q: I have a different question can you answer it?

A: I'd be happy to address any other questions for you. You may email your question directly to me at:
Mark@BachStrads.com  or call me (Mark) directly at: 541-257-7321 between 10 AM PST and 10PM PST.