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 Selmer Piccolo Trumpet in Bb/A 

Maurice Andre Professional Model.


Video of this trumpet:

Selmer Piccolo Trumpet


Professional Model with rare optional Gold Brass bell

Bore:  Standard (.401) Balanced resistance for endurance and a great high range.

Overall Condition: Very Good. Other than a scratch on the bell and some lacquer wear, it is in very good shape. This is the same model Maurice Andre made famous on scores of recordings throughout the 1960's through 1980's. It has that characteristic full beautiful sound. The gold brass bell gives the tone a nice roundness and fullness. Selmer stopped making trumpets in 2011 which is unfortunate for the trumpet world.

Tone: Round, Lively and Sweet. This Stradivarius has a nice traditional piccolo trumpet sound. The gold brass bell makes it warmer and rounder. Works great for Baroque music and soprano works.

Finish: Original lacquer at (90% intact)

Serial Number: 77899 ( Vintage 1982).

Valves: Smooth and Free 

Slides: All are free and move smoothly

Comes equipped with a Bb and A pipe as well as a compact carrying case as shown below.

Warranty: Full 14 day trial period. Full Refund issued (minus Shipping/Handling) if dissatisfied. Return S+H+I is buyer's responsibility. "Breathing new life into classic instruments."  

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