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 E.M. Winston Boston Bb Flugelhorn

Model 939S 

Professional Model


Videos and comparisons of this Flugelhorn:

E.M. Winston Boston 939 Flugelhorn

E.M. Winston compared to Solista


Model 939 Yellow Brass Bell.

Lead pipe: Standard. Balanced resistance and good intonation.

Bore: (.437) Free blowing but not too open. Very Comfortable for most players.

Overall Condition: Excellent! This is my own personal Flugelhorn which I have played in several performances of Les Miserables as well as many pieces in numerous recitals. I've found it to be a very nice horn for both Jazz and Classical music. This is E.M. Winston's top of the line professional flugelhorn of the three models they made: (639, 739 and the premier 939)which has the most refinements and has best sound of all of them. When choosing this instrument at Rayburn's I played many different flugels. This one came out on top for tone quality and playing ease and intonation. These are now rare birds and its a shame they are no longer made.

Tone: Beautiful! The sound is open, resonant, and clear. Clearer and more trumpet like than many flugels, yet still a distinctive flugelhorn tone. Not fuzzy or dull like too many on the market. Perfect for Jazz and Classical music.

Finish: Silver 100% intact

Serial Number: 240513

Valves: Smooth and Fast.

Compression: Excellent

Slides: All are free and move smoothly as they should

Additional Options/Features: 

*Winston 1 1/2Flugelhorn mouthpiece

*Bach 7CFL Flugelhorn mouthpiece also included (not pictured)

Locking keys for safety and security.

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