"Breathing New Life into Classic Instruments"

 Vintage Bach Stradivarius Model 239/25R C Trumpet


Custom Modifed and Optimzed 


Video of this trumpet:

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Standard Weight Yellow Brass Bell for pitch stability and projection.

Standard Weight Body for durability

Lead pipe: #25R Reverse lead pipe for better intonation and a bigger tone.

Valve Casings: Leak proof solid brass casing for durability and stable alignment.

Bore:  L (.462) Perfect for orchestral and church work.

Overall Condition: Like new! There are no dents, dings, scratches on this Strad. It was played a few times and stored away. If you ever wanted a like new Bach Strad C, this is a great one to consider and a bargain!

As with every trumpet I sell, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. 

This Strad has received Custom Optimization. Over the years, I've learned many secrets of making Bach Strads play and perform even better from top repair techs and my own experimentation. I call it Custom Optimization. This multi-step process turns a good Bach Strad into a really fine or even great Bach. It starts with a thorough cleaning, and precision valve alignment, and employs three other special processes to enhance the playing qualities of the horn. The result is a Strad that both plays and feels markedly better than standard models with a better tone, quicker response, and improved high range. I use Custom Optimization on every Bach I personally own to sound my best. You will feel and enjoy the difference too.

Tone: This Strad has a strong, broad, medium dark singing tone that will work well in both solo and symphonic settings.

Finish: Lacquer 100% intact

Serial Number: 675302. This is a professionally crafted horn from 2010.

Valves: Like new

Compression: Excellent

Slides: All are free and move smoothly 

Additional Options/Features:

*Custom optimization ($400 upgrade*)

Reverse Lead Pipe ($154 upgrade*)

First and Third Triggers ($465 upgrade*)

Ordering a new Bach Strad C with these same features is $3527 without Custom Optimization

Warranty: Full 14 day trial period. "Breathing new life into classic instruments." 

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